• Evaluator, Dr. Flora McMartin, Broad-based Knowledge, LLC

    Dr. Flora McMartin has extensive experience as a program evaluator and will be able to determine benchmarks and indicators of success while evaluating this project.  She has also worked with community college partners which have explored similar research questions. Experience relevant to this project includes: conducting a national research study of curriculum and teaching practices associated with research methods; evaluation of KEN – the math Knowledge Exchange Network, a California community college-supported project (funded by Hewlett and NSF); and, ELIXR, a CSU sponsored project to develop and support online multimedia faculty development services (funded by FIPSE).  For the current project, her primary duties will be to review the research protocols, data collection instruments and processes to make recommendations for necessary changes or improvements.  She will also provide regular feedback to the PIs and project team with program status in producing the expected outcomes.  Consultations will be conducted primarily through regular conference calls but will also include site visits over the course of the project. Dr. McMartin will submit a final report at the completion of the project.

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